If you’ve got a good memory – for events or numbers – you might remember that the Beijing Summer Olympics started at eight minutes past eight on 8/8/08. Which will give you some idea of the significance of the number eight.

Chinese people have long considered it the luckiest number, and will include it in their decision making whenever it’s possible, whether they’re buying a home, getting a new telephone number or picking a date for a wedding. The reason it’s considered such good luck is mainly because the word for eight – ba – sounds very similar to fa, which means prosperity. It’s also perfectly symmetrical, whether you cut it in half horizontally or vertically, which indicates perfect balance.

People who are eights tend to have good insight and strong intuition. They are honest and ambitious and tend to make great leaders and natural business people.

If you’re looking for even more good luck, your number is 88. The stylised Chinese characters that symbolise joy come together to create double joy. Eureka Skydeck is located on the very auspicious 88th floor of Eureka Tower at Southbank and is celebrating Chinese New Year in style. Tie your wish for the year to a two-metre-tall shaped-wire 88, before discovering your Chinese zodiac and checking out the spectacular view. From here, you’re on the southern hemisphere’s highest view platform, almost 300 metres above the ground.