Are Adidas Slides Still Trending?

The first type of Adidas slides Australia released by Adidas was Adilette slides. This was an effective marketing tool that triggered good brands like Calvin Klein and Nike to unleash their own types of slides. Despite the increasing competition and the emergence of unpopular brands who sell slip-on, are Adidas slides still trending in Australia?


Undisputably, yes! Adidas slides remain to be a part of people’s clothing in Australia. There have been changes as to its usage unlike before when popular celebrities like Dakota Fanning were the only ones showing how comfortable it is to have this footwear. Today, slides are not just regarded as extra footgear. People wear it even in inappropriate seasons like winter when they match them with socks to keep their foot temperature warm. It’s proof that Adidas slides are not just for fashion, the time has changed that it can now be used whatever season it is of the year.


Adidas has been preoccupied since the moment it sold its first pairs of slides. The company keeps on making more comfortable footwear such as Cloudfoam and Adisage sandals to address the demand of the people. In fact, there have been new releases of Adilette with checkered designs, in addition to the original stripes.


Adding to the design of the slides is the durability and comfort it gives to users. Who wouldn’t want to walk down the street without something torturing their feet even during long walks? Adidas will surely keep producing comfy footwear that will make people even crazier in the future.


So, are those products still trendy? No doubt they are! If the industry continues to adjust, people might even use it for school and office purposes. It’s exciting and scary at the same time because we can’t have people wearing those during a professional meeting. But, it could happen given the fashion trend!