Getting Around Melbourne

Make getting to and from Melbourne’s Chinese New Year Festival easy with public transport.

The sound of firecrackers and fireworks, drums and dragons will sweep through the streets of Melbourne from the 2nd to the 17th of February to celebrate the Year of the Pig.


Melbourne’s trains, trams and buses are the easiest way to get to and from the Festival.

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Trams and free travel in the CBD and Docklands

A Free Tram Zone in Melbourne’s CBD and Docklands makes travelling in the city even easier. Travel on trams within this zone is free and you do not need to use a myki card. However, if your journey starts or finishes outside the boundaries of the Free Tram Zone, you must touch on your valid myki at the start of your journey.

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Melbourne’s metropolitan train network is a great way to travel across the city, connecting people and places.

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Melbourne’s extensive metropolitan bus network services both the CBD and outer suburbs. Buses also connect with Melbourne’s train and tram network making cross-suburban travel easy, with regular connections to the CBD, train stations.

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Night Network

See in the New Year with no need to keep an eye on the time. The Night Network runs on weekends, with all night metropolitan trains and trams, late night buses, and a coach service to key regional centres.

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Plan your journey

For a quick and easy guide on how to travel around Melbourne during the Festival, use the PTV Journey Planner. The Journey Planner can be used online and there is also a free app to assist you with directions from one location to another. The Journey Planner can provide you with real time public transport departure information, route numbers, as well as the distance and time it will take you to reach your chosen destination.

To plan your journey to and from the Festival on public transport, click here.