What are Skip Bins Useful for?

What are Skip Bins Useful for?


Skip bins are metal or plastic containers used to dump waste. Typically, they are usually large, allowing them to contain more significant amounts of waste. They are generally located in public spaces or within homes (house, building or garden).


When the container is full of waste, it is subsequently emptied into the large skip hire Adelaide bins located on the streets. The waste contained in them is taken to landfills. It is not precisely the case in Australia, although skip bins are located inside public establishments or houses, the containers are taken to the streets on the days of collection.


Types of Skip Bins


It is important to note that there is no single container to dump all types of waste. Many times three types of containers are used for different types of garbage. That way, it will be easier and faster to recycle the waste contained in them. Usually, they are classified in plastic, organic and glass containers.


In Australia, each skip bin is identified with a different color that represents the type of waste that will be thrown into it. The colors are red, yellow, green and in some places, blue. The city council provides each of these containers.


  • Red is used to throw food scraps, diapers and sanitary waste, dirty paper and cardboard and plastic bags.
  • Yellow is used to store glass, cans, aerosols, paper and cardboard, aluminum foil, tetra bricks and clean containers.
  • Green contains garden waste (flowers, leaves, etc.), fruits and vegetables, kitchen paper. It is important to throw them directly without placing them in waste bags. It is also not recommended to store pots, stones or food scraps.
  • Blue is not standard in all areas of the country but is usually used to store paper and cardboard. When there are no blue rubbish bins in a city, then dirty papers and cartons are thrown in the red ones and the clean ones in the yellow ones.


Benefits of Skip Bins


Using these types of containers is very important for the health and hygiene of both people and the environment. Throwing waste into every kind of container helps avoid environmental pollution, keep the space clean, raise awareness about pollution, etc. That way, people will live in a healthy and clean environment.