9 Reasons Why Renting Sharing Office Space In Melbourne Is Good For Entrepreneurs

As the cost of office space for rent in Melbourne is becoming more out of reach for start-up and freelancers, many are turning to coworking spaces as viable alternatives.When I first started my freelancing journey 5 years ago, I was sure that working from home was not an option for me, so I looked for some office space in and around the center of Melbourne. I quickly realized that a traditional office space was going to be well outside my budget.


It was around this time that I was first introduced to the concept of a coworking center. Despite being initially skeptical, it wasn’t long before I realized that coworking was not a fad and will quickly become the norm because:


#1 It attracts pools of talent

Whether you’re a remote worker for a larger company or a freelancer, positioning yourself in a coworking space with like-minded individuals who have experience in a variety of different industries surrounds yourself with opportunity. The simple ability to turn around and ask someone their opinion has proven invaluable to me in the last 4 years.


#2 A break from the norm

Having spent the early part of my career crammed into a cubicle in a law firm, surrounded by others in similar situations, I craved the change of scenery offered by a coworking center. The space offered is far more open and collaborative floor plan was just impressive. I had grown grew tired of the monotony of the corporate law office and needed a break.


#3. Collaboration is actively encouraged

I can’t say for certain that every coworking center is the same, but ours have a dedicated area for collaboration and conversation. A place where we can just relax, sit back, enjoy your smoothie, water or a cup of coffee. A place where I have had deep, meaningful conversations about someone else’s project. This impromptu meet up stop has given me so pearls of wisdom down the years. It has also led to more than on new startup being formed in our Co-working space.


#4 A more balanced life

Ask any professional you know are they looking to develop a healthier work life balance. The answer will inevitably be yes. From the freelancing perspective, my coworking center has helped me set boundaries surrounding where and when I work. Obviously I operate these with a level of flexibility depending on my need for productivity. But the ability to schedule one time off and allow myself this luxury has dramatically increased.



#5 Fast paced environment

I have to admit one of my pet peeves and one of the major reasons I left the corporate world is how slow everything seemed to happen. From how long it took to replace the ink cartridge in a printer, having to submit a request, wait for that request to be confirmed and then for someone to sign off on it before or you could print something out. In a coworking center you can just do it yourself and not have to worry about putting someone else’s nose out of joint because you changed the ink cartridge.



#6 An alternative approach to networking

In the past, if you wanted to find a like-minded person, you’d have to actively seek them out. But if you’re in a coworking space, you’re already surrounded by people who are self-motivated and driven by an entrepreneurial spirit. You can build a network of talented people quickly. So one of the key benefits of positioning yourself in a coworking space is that they streamline the traditional networking process.


#8 I feel energized every day.

There’s no denying the effects of basing yourself in a coworking space. Since on average people will spend over 1/3 of their life working its important that you try to spend this time in a space that is both energizing and productive. A place you look forward to instead of dread on a Monday morning.


#9 You are not alone

One of the strangest feedings I had before I left the traditional corporate environment is that I even though I was in a room full of people I regularly felt alone. I’ve never had this feeling here as even though I may not be collaborating with anyone at the moment, I can see others driving local startups and establishing mutually beneficial business relationships.



Whether you are looking for office space for rent in Melbourne today or for the future, I highly recommend you contact your local coworking space to see what they offer.